Getting The Cheapest Car Insurance Is Possible

Buying a new car already costs a lot and getting insurance for it can make you scratch your head if you only have enough money for the car. Insurance is a need and definitely not a want. Some people do not understand fully the implications of having car insurance that they end up getting expensive car insurance that has features that are irrelevant to their needs. So to get a good value car insurance policy, here are tips you might want to know.

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Car Insurance Shopping

One way of making sure that you are getting a good deal for your car insurance is to shop around. Not everyone has the same insurance premiums. To some, it may be the lowest premium but to others who are availing the same but from a different state, it might be the most expensive. There are many car insurance brokers in the country and if you are looking for the cheapest premium, Century National and Nationwide are the lowest price according to However, you might also want to get insurance quotes from a number of insurance companies to make a good comparison.


Do not hesitate to ask your car insurance broker for discounts. Usually, insurance companies offer discounts if you avail other insurance, like house insurance, together with your car insurance. Also, if you are getting one insurance policy for a number of motor vehicles registered under your name. Driver’s with a clean record are also likewise given discounts as a reward for not incurring any traffic violation. More so, if you pay your premium on time or in advance, you will also be legible for a discount.

Car Make and Model

The car insurance for all cars differs from each other. So if you own an expensive, expect to be paying a higher premium compared to having a lower-priced car. But for your information, cars that often have lower insurance premiums are the Subaru Outback, Jeep Cherokee and the Honda CR-V.

Insurance Coverage

The number of coverage for your car in case of damage or loss will greatly affect the amount you will pay for the insurance premium. However, if you have an older car, you can eliminate the comprehensive and collision coverage. It is because the payout for this coverage depends on the value of a car. The market value of a car depreciates over the years. Hence, it would be useless if you include these two in your insurance policy.